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Disposable Gloves

EMPOWER® Nitrile Powder Free (PF) Exam Gloves

8 mil

Empower® is an 8 mil thick, powder free nitrile exam glove designed to provide extra protection and stronger resistance to wear and tear on the job. The glove fingers are double and almost triple in thickness in comparison to some of the commonly used nitrile exam gloves.

With extra thickness, Empower®nitrile glove is more durable and allow you to work on “rougher” jobs and keep your hands protected and safe. Though thicker, the glove provides an excellent grip as a result of our advanced production process.

It is great for EMS, law enforcement, correctional facilities, laboratory, mid to heavy mechanics and industrial applications. It also meets the single-use emergency medical examination glove requirements of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1999 – 2013 standard on protective clothing for emergency medical operations.


ulnfpa-300x263 nfpa





Finger Thickness (avg.)

8 mil

Length (min.)

< 240 mm


S, M, L, XL, XXL

Packaging (by weight)

100 pcs per box, 90 pcs for XL & XXL 10 boxes per case

Surface Finish


SizesItem Code

Industries Most Common To Use:
Auto / Aviation / Marine, Dairy / Ranch, EMS / Fire Dept., Healthcare, Industrial / Manufacturing, Laboratory, Law enforcement, Plumbing / Painting


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