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New Law, New Markets for 2014 February 19, 2014

California started the New Year by implementing a law that bans culinary workers from touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. Many other states have already enforced this law that food service workers must use utensils or wear gloves when in contact with food, including sushi chefs and bartenders who make your favorite cocktails!

Adenna offers a full range of polyethylene, vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves that meet the USDA, FFDCA’s standards, and are in compliance with 21 CFR parts 170-199 for food handling. Please call us to discuss this growing demand in the food service market.

Encouraged by our beauty and nail salon supplies dealers, Adenna will exhibit at the Cosmoprof beauty tradeshow in Las Vegas in July. Adenna’s full line of disposable gloves, sterilization pouches and face masks are everyday essentials used in nail salons, hair salons, spas, dermatology, cosmetics and other beauty related establishments. Come see us at Cosmoprof and discuss how to expand into this emerging market.

Two of our competitors, Microflex and SAS Safety have recently been acquired and changes are inevitable if you do business with them. Adenna offers close to 20 different matching gloves to the Microflex and SAS products. Many dealers have not only saved their customers money but also increased their margin by a whopping 20% to 30% when converting to Adenna products. Please call your Adenna sales rep. for our cross references to Microflex and SAS products and see how easily we can get you started in making more money without sacrificing quality.

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