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Disposable Gloves for Hunting and Fishing


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  • “After numerous years working with Adenna gloves I am proud to say these are the best gloves in the industry. Not only do they last the duration of multi hour tattoo sessions without breaking or snapping. The texture and thickness of these gloves are perfect. So from one artist to another I highly recommend these...More >
    Steven Banegas
    Heart & Huntington Tattoo Company, Las Vegas, NV
  • As a proud distributor of Adenna products since 1998, Adenna has provided valuable services and products and goes above and beyond to make sure we as a distributor can succeed in bringing the same to our own customers. Their service, support, and products are nothing less the excellent.
    Tim T.
    Science, Research Lab Supply Dealer, California

huntingDisposable Gloves for Hunting and FishingField Dressing, Medical

Many people enjoy hunting and fishing in their free time and don’t mind getting down and dirty while participating in these exciting sports. what many people may not realize though is that these animals may carry diseases that can be easily transferred to you when you touch them or are field dressing the animal. We offer many different types of gloves ranging from long to short and thick to thin.

HERO® is our 14mm, 11½” long dark blue color latex exam glove can be worn for extra protection. We are also proud to offer EMPOWER®, an 8mm thick nitrile exam glove, and CATCH®, an 8mm thick neon orange glove. Most of these gloves are also certified by UL and meet the emergency medical exam glove requirements so if you need to you can use them in a medical emergency.

We also offer three unique black color synthetic nitrile and latex exam gloves—SHADOW®, PHANTOM® and NIGHT ANGEL®. They are popular among hunters and fishermen for their reliable performance and distinctive style.

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