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“I love these gloves to death” – Adenna Shadow® Nitrile Gloves reviewed by UCTattoos at TattooRadar.com May 1, 2013


These were purchased at PHILink TATTOOz in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. They cost about $20.00. You can probably find them cheaper online as there is shop mark up.

I love these gloves to death. Out of all the gloves I have tried these are my go to guys for tattooing. They are thick, durable, ambidextrous, powder-free, latex-free, puncture resistant, and textured. The box contains approximately 100 gloves. I say approximately because it goes by the weight of the box. Sometimes you’ll get a few extra, or a few less. They are also single use only.

They are available in various sizes from Small to Extra-Extra Large. These gloves do contain acrylonitrile-butadine which may cause allergic reactions. Some other components used in making the gloves may also cause allergic reactions in some people. If you or your client are allergic to nitrile, or experience any discomfort please stop using the gloves, and consult a doctor.

The quality of these gloves are amazing. They are single use only, and should not be reused. They provide an excellent biological barrier. However, they are not intended for use as a chemical barrier. These gloves are puncture resistant to a degree, and are very strong. You can pull on one of the fingers, and it will get tight but will take some effort to snap. The fingertips are also textured which makes picking up needles, and stretching skin much easier. Be sure to inspect your gloves before, and during the tattoo procedure. Common practice here is to blow inside the glove. If it doesn’t inflate there is a hole in it. This also loosens the gloves making them easier to put on.

Being ambidextrous is also a huge plus. You don’t need to go searching through the box to find a left, or right handed glove. You simply grab two gloves, put them on, and are good to go. They are also powder-free which is perfect for tattooing. However, they are non-sterile, so I do rub them with 70% hand sanitizer. Not to mention these gloves are black, so you look awesome wearing them!

Their minimum thickness is 5 mil and have a polymer coating. I swear by these gloves during my tattoo process, so I give them a 5 out of 5. Due to their amazing durability, textured fingertips, and the fact that are Nitrile, I recommend them to everyone! They are manufactured in Malaysia for Adenna Incorporated, www.adenna.com.

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