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How To Maintain Safety In A Restaurant Environment January 19, 2018

Maintaining a safe working environment in a restaurant kitchen is essential for the health of both workers and diners. Doing so requires commitment, vigilance, and effort. It also requires having the right equipment for the job. This article will list some of the equipment needed to help create a safe kitchen. All of the items on this list are easy to obtain and easy to use.




Hairnets are very important in the fight for cleanliness. Chances are you have been out to eat at a restaurant and, unfortunately, found a hair in your food.  This is not a pleasant experience for anyone, including restaurant staff! Hairnets are the best way to prevent this from happening. This being the case, they should be worn by anyone who is preparing food. This will help keep customers coming back!


Non-slip Shoes


Slips and falls are a serious risk in kitchens, where floors are often wet. A good pair of anti-slip shoes can offer great protection against slips and falls, and they are reasonably priced. All staff should be encouraged to wear these on the job. This precaution should certainly be combined with other precautions, such as mopping the floor and putting up wet floor signs.


First-Aid Kit


First aid kits should be kept in the kitchen to ensure worker safety. When workers are using knives and other sharp objects, cuts are a risk. Burns can be a risk as well, given the nature of the job. For this reason, first aid kits should contain bandages, gauze, ointment, and other items for the treatment of cuts and burns.  It is important that all employees know where the first aid kit is and have easy access to it. It is also important that employees are trained on how to use items in the first aid kit.




Aprons are more than just a fashion statement: they prevent stains and even burns. For employees working around chemicals and/or hot liquids, heavy-duty aprons are recommended. For those who just need protection against stains, lighter aprons will suffice.  For sanitary reasons, aprons should always be laundered after they are worn. It is a good idea to keep several in stock, so that employees always have access to a clean apron.




restaurant gloves


Gloves are among the most important safety item for any kitchen, as they protect employees’ hands from getting burned, while also preventing the spread of germs. Vinyl gloves are recommended for use in kitchens; because they are flexible enough to allow employees to perform all necessary food preparation tasks, but strong enough to handle some serious wear and tear. Polyethylene gloves are also popular among restaurant workers. They are very loose fitting, and therefore do not provide the level of sanitary protection that vinyl gloves do, but the loose fit keeps the hands from sweating, and allows for a full range of motion. For this reason, PE (polyethylene) gloves are a popular choice for workers who perform repetitive tasks, such as chopping and grating.

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