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How To Apply Tattoos With Safety In Mind November 5, 2017

Tattoos have become a major part of American culture (especially our youth culture) and tattoo artists are in high demand. Because tattoos involve needles, tattoo artists should always strive to maintain a safe and sterile work environment. It does not matter how talented a tattoo artist is, if his or her workspace is not sterile, he or she will not stay in business long. Many tattoo parlors have either been shut down or have lost clients due to health and safety issues. To be sure, maintaining a sterile tattoo parlor requires effort on the part of everyone involved, but it is a necessary effort. Below are some tips that will help you maintain a sterile working environment.



Gloves Are Important


tattoo gloves

Tattooer inking customer’s forearm



Gloves are an essential item in the tattoo artist’s toolkit–every bit as essential as needles and ink. Tattoo gloves should be strong and durable, in order to prevent rips, tears, and the spread of infectious diseases. That being said, these gloves should also be flexible enough to allow you to perform your art to your full ability. Nitrile disposable gloves will work great for your purposes. Make sure to keep many in stock.



Do Not Reuse Needles



This may sound self-explanatory, but believe it or not, many tattoo artists do not follow this simple advice. Using the same needle over and over again, even if it has been cleaned and sterilized, can spread disease. Instead of reusing needles, buy disposable needles that are intended for single use. It is important that you keep these needles in a sealed container before use, so that they do not get contaminated. It is also important that you dispose of them properly after use. Another thing to keep in mind is that, even though gloves provide an extra layer of protection, it is still important that you wash your hands frequently, especially after each session. You should also put on a fresh pair of gloves after each session.



Be Mindful Of The Ink That You Use



Some inks are more conducive to client health and safety than others. As a tattoo artist, it is recommended that you avoid metallic inks and use organic pigments instead, as these pigments lessen the likelihood of blood poisoning and allergic reactions. Quality does not have to be sacrificed in this case: there are many organic inks on the market that rival metallic inks for beauty and permanence. When you invest in these inks, you are investing in client safety.



Keep Your Tattoo Parlor Clean



Another basic safety step that many people unfortunately neglect is keeping the work space clean. This does require some time and effort on your part, but it is essential for your success, as well as the health and safety of your clients. This means keeping the floors swept, mopped, and clean. It also means scrubbing and disinfecting work spaces after each session. This step, combined with the steps mentioned above, will ensure that clients leave your tattoo parlor satisfied and safe.


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