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Enov8® Exam Glove By Adenna Approved by U.S. FDA May 4, 2015

Adenna, Inc., worldwide supplier of high-quality, disposable hand protection since 1997, is excited to announce the launch of Enov8®(pronounced “innovate”), one of the first medical grade gloves made of polyethylene (PE) and approved by the U.S. FDA for patient care, diagnosis, examination and general applications.

The Enov8 glove might look like the PE gloves commonly used in making sandwiches or mixing salads but our proprietary formula and production technology brings to life a thicker, stronger and more stretchy glove that delivers added safety and protection.  Enov8 is an ambidextrous, translucent, powder and latex free glove that eliminates potential rubber latex protein allergies and powder contamination.  The glove is light, easy to don, comfortable on the hands and provides good tactile sensitivity.

I wanted a name that was telling of Adenna’s ongoing efforts to provide excellent quality and innovative products” stated Maxwell Lee, President and CEO of Adenna, Inc. “Enov8 seemed like the right fit for our newest line of exam grade gloves.”

The Enov8 glove, typically used for lower risk examination and patient care, is priced competitively over vinyl exam gloves with a 15% – 20% cost savings.

Enov8 Gloves are ideal for service professionals in these fields:

  • Home Care
  • Day Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Food Preparation
  • Nursing Homes
  • General Use Handling

Enov8 will be available for purchase later this month. To request a sample, email us at info@adenna.com or visit www.adenna.com.

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