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Customers Love Us

  • “After numerous years working with Adenna gloves I am proud to say these are the best gloves in the industry. Not only do they last the duration of multi hour tattoo sessions without breaking or snapping. The texture and thickness of these gloves are perfect. So from one artist to another I highly recommend these...More >
    Steven Banegas
    Heart & Huntington Tattoo Company, Las Vegas, NV
  • As a proud distributor of Adenna products since 1998, Adenna has provided valuable services and products and goes above and beyond to make sure we as a distributor can succeed in bringing the same to our own customers. Their service, support, and products are nothing less the excellent.
    Tim T.
    Science, Research Lab Supply Dealer, California


John L. Manager, Interstate Batteries, North Carolina

Adenna has been an outstanding company to deal with, they have a great product and outrageous customer service. We have been able to create a market with a quality brand that has not been oversold, this allows us to not just sell on price. Gloves have been an excellent way to obtain additional gross profit and because it’s a disposable, it’s the gift that keeps giving with easy repeat sales.

Joseph H., RMA. Physician Supplies Facilitator, Mississippi

My name is Joseph and I work with a group of medical providers in Mississippi who have fallen in love with the Adenna brand gloves.

Clinician Consultants The Dental Advisor

The internal indicator (on Adenna sterilization pouches) is an important feature. Color change is obvious. The sterilization pouches are easy to seal and open. Bags are sturdy.


Kate M. Purchasing, Food Service Distributor, Georgia

As a purchaser, Adenna has made my job a little easier, which I have found to be a rare occurrence when dealing with vendors. I have been able to reduce my glove stock by almost 90% since purchasing from Adenna due to a shorter predictable lead time. Their reliable and responsive customer support and service consistently exceeds my expectations.

Laura V. Owner, Healthcare, Tattoo and Food Distributor, Nevada

We have a wide variety of clients, who have different needs. Miguel has enabled us to answer their technical questions and offer them the best glove at a great price. Thanks to Adenna and Miguel, we are obtaining and keeping our clients, even when the competition gets rough.

Marc K. President, Medical and Lab Supply Dealer, Arizona

Our experience with Adenna Gloves and Kevin has been excellent. I professionally had been involved with marketing of a myriad of different glove manufacturers until I was fortunate enough to meet Adenna, and just promote their fine products. Adenna’s quality, consistency and safety are outstanding. We really appreciate the prompt service you render our orders. It is this kind of service that has contributed to the growth of our company.

Mia Wotton Community College

Marlen Rangel answered the phone when I called Adenna today. She was exceptional. Not only was she polite and knowledgeable, she volunteered to look up suppliers in our area for the product we need. She also got back to me promptly with the information she had gathered. Couldn’t ask for better customer service! www.wccnet.edu

Mike K. Buyer, Agricultural, Farm and Science Supply Distributor, Wisconsin

Adenna offers a wide variety of high quality gloves that meet our customers’ needs in the agricultural and science industries. Paired with excellent customer service, I would recommend Adenna gloves to anybody who is in the market for disposable gloves.

Nate L. Purchasing Director, Dental Supply Distributor, Illinois

I have been working with Adenna since 2002 and my experience has been excellent. They have helped streamline our ordering to become more efficient and avoid backorders. Teaming up with Adenna has been great for our business and we are looking forward to continued success.

Nicole Bartosik Resident UCLA

“The Adenna Masks are comfortable and very breathable! Love the color variation and quality!”

T. B. Sales Manager, Auto Supplies Dealer, California

Many times when dealing with glove suppliers we see inconsistencies in the quality but not with Adenna. We love the product and the fill rates are fantastic. Thanks for growing our glove business!

Randy S. President, Protection and Safety Supply Distributor, California

Adenna gloves are fast becoming our best selling line, due to their competitive pricing, excellent quality, name recognition and very good customer service.

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