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Customers Love Us

  • “After numerous years working with Adenna gloves I am proud to say these are the best gloves in the industry. Not only do they last the duration of multi hour tattoo sessions without breaking or snapping. The texture and thickness of these gloves are perfect. So from one artist to another I highly recommend these...More >
    Steven Banegas
    Heart & Huntington Tattoo Company, Las Vegas, NV
  • As a proud distributor of Adenna products since 1998, Adenna has provided valuable services and products and goes above and beyond to make sure we as a distributor can succeed in bringing the same to our own customers. Their service, support, and products are nothing less the excellent.
    Tim T.
    Science, Research Lab Supply Dealer, California


Ford Tech Makuloco

I truly cannot believe it after a complete exhaust replacement job theses gloves never tore open they didn’t even degrade! I have never seen this before this will be the first “disposable glove” I am able to reuse and actually save money. I don’t always wear gloves but when I do from now on it will be these Adenna Inc. Dark Light 9ml Nitrile Gloves. Don’t believe me try them for yourself I have never been this impressed by a glove before.

Bill M. President, Dental Supply Distributor, New Jersey

Adenna is just great. The service is reliable and the product quality is consistent, and that makes our customers happy. I am very happy since I switched to Adenna gloves.

Amanda Leadman Black 13 Tattoo Parlour Nashville, TN

“I have tried a lot of different glove brands since I started tattooing 8 years ago, and I must say not all are superior.  I have been so happy with shadow black nitrile gloves. They are durable and the textured surface makes me feel confident with every move I make. They fit tight and have the stretch of latex, but save me from the worries of any allergic reactions from my clients.

The price and quality cannot be beat!”

Brett B. Director of Operations Medical Supply Distributor, Kansas

We are a proud distributor of the full line of Adenna gloves. The quality and service level given by Max and his team exceed our highest expectation.

Clinician Consultants The Dental Advisor

Adenna MIRACLE® gloves stretch more than other nitrile gloves. Finally…a glove with fingers that are long enough! These gloves have soft feel and good tactile sense. The gloves were not packed overly tight in the box – easy to dispense. Great color!

Paul Collins Shades of Grey Tattoo, Tucson, Az.

I am very particular on the gloves I like to use. I’ve tried many kinds of gloves from many different suppliers and Now I only buy the Adenna Shadow. They fit good and dont tear easy but are still soft enough to be comfortable. They are great quality gloves that aren’t overpriced.

Billy Colombini Blacktop Magazine

I wear gloves because my hands are important to me. Not only do I use them as tools like everyone else, but I also use them to get around in my wheel chair or with my sticks (crutches). I found their nitrile gloves to be comfortable for my daily medical use and strong when working on my Harley or other projects in the garage. I suggest you look into Adenna latex or nitrile gloves. They have a wide assortment of styles and weights for most every job.

Clinician Consultants The Dental Advisor

Adenna PRECISION® glove is thin yet resistant to tearing. Good fit for non-latex gloves. The grip is better than other nitrile gloves. The packaging was excellent. I didn’t pull out half the box trying to get just one. They had more stretch than most other nitrile gloves.

Daniel G. Ph.D. President/Owner, BioMedical Supplies Distributor, California

We have been doing business with Adenna since our inception in 2004. I am very satisfied with Adenna’s quality products, on-time delivery and exceptional customer services.

Diane Winkler President, Signature Marketing

Signature Marketing has been a distributor of Adenna gloves since 2005. Adenna gloves are consistently high in quality and our customers love them. The sales support is super responsive and friendly and shipping is very quick. It is an absolute pleasure to do business with Adenna.

Janna S. Manager, Tattoo Body Art Distributor, Florida

Adenna’s expertise, support and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction makes them an integral part of our team; immersing themselves in the dynamics, issues, industry and marketing/operational challenges of our business. Our successful partnership enables us to operate seamlessly, providing value and quality products to our customers.

Jim G. President, Protective Medical Supply Dealer, Arizona

I have been a customer of Adenna since 1999 and their service has been prompt, friendly and excels above most of my other suppliers. I want to thank you for the high quality of your gloves. It makes satisfying my customer base much easier, which in turn increases my profits and reduces my downtime.

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