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A Police Officer’s Guide To Protective Equipment January 15, 2018

America’s police and law enforcement workers are constantly putting their lives on the line for others. It is important that they have the tools they need in order to let them do their job safely and effectively. There are many products that are designed specifically for this purpose. This article will examine some of the products that are designed to keep law enforcement workers safe. This list is certainly not exhaustive, as there is a wide range of protective equipment available to our nation’s police officers. That being said, this list will feature some of the most widely-used pieces of protective equipment. Some of these products might be familiar to you, while others might not. Either way, you are sure to learn something new about law enforcement safety equipment.



Gloves Offer The Hand Protection That Police Officers Need


Believe it or not, gloves can go a long way toward keeping police and other law enforcement officials safe. Nitrile gloves are especially recommended. When law enforcement officials are patting down suspects, there is a very significant risk that they could be poked by drug needles, as well as other sharp implements. The risk is especially acute, given the current opioid crisis that police officers are battling. Those needles can – of course – transmit devastating diseases. Protective gloves help protect our law enforcement officers from those diseases.  The black nitrile gloves are recommended because they are strong and durable, but also flexible enough to allow law enforcement officers to do their jobs. They fit very well and will not get in the officers’ way. There are several online stores that specialize in black nitrile gloves. It is important to always have a pair of these gloves handy.


DLG Black Nitrile Powder Free (PF) Exam Gloves


Kevlar Vests Offer The Bullet Resistance That Police Officers Need


Bullet proof Kevlar vests are a popular choice for body armor. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is known for having incredibly high tensile strength. That is to say, it does not tear very easily. Its relatively light weight also means that it doesn’t hinder movement and speed like vests made from heavier materials. This material has quickly become the top choice for ballistic protection. There are many companies that sell Kevlar vests, most of which can be found online.


LED Flashlights Allow Police Officers To Perform Their Duties In The Dark


Believe it or not, one of the best protective tools for law enforcement is a very basic one: flashlights. Many times, police officers find themselves working (even running) in the dark. LED flashlights can help them perform their work more safely and more efficiently. As with the other pieces of protective equipment featured in this article, LED flashlights can be easily purchased online.  Rechargeable LED flashlights are available, and are recommended for law enforcement use.  LED flashlights come in various sizes and weights. It is important to find a flashlight that is sturdy and resilient, but also light enough to carry for long periods of time.

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