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A Helpful Guide To Gloves November 8, 2017

Gloves serve many purposes, and can be used to provide hand protection for a variety of tasks–nearly any task that you would perform with your hands. In fact, gloved are used in many major industries. This article will go into detail about some of the industries for which protective gloves are especially useful. Specific industries and tasks require specific gloves. Luckily, there is such a wide variety of glove designs and materials that – no matter what you are doing – chances are, you can find a pair of gloves to help you get the job done.



Medical Gloves



Gloves are essential to those working in the medical and healthcare profession. Workers in this industry come into contact with germs, bodily fluids, and other biological materials on a daily basis. For them, gloves are part of the first line of defense against infection. What’s more, gloves help keep the patients safe–it truly is a two-way street. Medical gloves are designed to be durable, but also comfortable enough that the wearer can perform all of the necessary tasks (some of which require high levels of manual dexterity) while wearing them. These gloves are typically made of latex or nitrile. Due to recent FDA regulations, these gloves need to be “powder free.”



Gloves For Law Enforcement



When people think of law enforcement equipment, gloves aren’t typically the first things that come to mind, but they are crucial for keeping those in law enforcement safe. Essentially, they help protect those who help protect us. Law enforcement agents face a real danger of coming into contact with sharp and potentially contaminated objects, such as used needles. When performing a “pat down” there is always the risk of being poked by a needle or coming in contact with a drug that can be absorbed through the skin. Strong, durable gloves are necessary for protecting their hands in these critical situations. That is exactly why law enforcement loves to use DARK LIGHT gloves. These gloves are disposable–but they are also built to last a long time. Tough as they are, they are also flexible enough to provide the manual dexterity that law enforcement requires.



Gloves For The Foodservice Industry


As with medical gloves, gloves for the foodservice industry provide protection on two levels. For one, they prevent workers from getting sick when working with raw meat and other potentially harmful ingredients. They also protect diners from getting sick after enjoying their meal. Those who prepare food spend several hours a day performing tasks that involve fine motor skills, such as cutting, peeling, and grating. For this reason, gloves need to be very flexible and breathable, as hand comfort is crucial to the success of these tasks. Foodservice gloves, therefore, are not as durable as medical gloves, and will need to be changed more often. On the plus side, these gloves allow food service workers to maintain a sanitary environment while still maintaining comfort. Like the other gloves mentioned in this article, foodservice gloves can be purchased online.


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