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A Guide To Protective Equipment For Medical Professionals January 17, 2018

When it comes to the medical profession, protective equipment is of the utmost importance. Those who work in the medical profession (such as doctors, nurses, and orderlies), care for the sick and injured every day. This being the case, they are exposed to sharp objects, contagious diseases, and other health hazards on a daily basis. Protective equipment not only ensures their safety; it protects the very people that they are working to save. There are many types of protective equipment available to medical professionals, and this article will examine a few of them.


Face Masks


face mask


Face masks are certainly an important piece of protective wear for those working in medical settings, especially hospitals. Face masks are often required for those performing surgery, for example. Face masks help protect the wearer from coming into direct contact with infectious diseases. This is especially important, as many diseases are spread through respiration.  Likewise, face masks protect patients as well. It is recommended that you stock up on thousands of face masks, if you operate a large medical facility with many employees. Face masks can be purchased (in bulk) online, for a reasonable price.


Protective Gloves


Protective gloves are especially important, for both staff and their patients, as they help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Powder free nitrile gloves are recommended for their superior durability and grip. Unlike latex gloves, vinyl gloves do not carry the risk of allergic reaction. These gloves are the safest choice for hand protection. Nitrile gloves also provide a great level of elasticity, as well as strength and durability. Additionally they are easy to put on and allow for easy hand motion—that is to say, these gloves will not prevent hospital staff from doing their work efficiently and effectively. These gloves can be bought in large quantities online. Nitrile gloves used in medical settings need to be powder-free, due to a recent FDA ruling banning powdered medical gloves.


Protective Shoes


Protective shoes are essential for hospital staff. When we say “protective shoes,” we are referring to two specific types of protection. For one, shoes worn by medical personnel need to have good slip resistance, as sleek hospital floors can get quite slippery. Non-slip shoes can greatly cut down on the occurrence of injuries related to slips and falls. The last thing you want is for your own staff members to have to check into the emergency room!

The second aspect of protection is protection against fatigue. Fatigue is a big risk for all hospital employees, who tend to work incredibly long hours at a frantic pace. Fatigue is a danger to hospital staff, as it can lead to various injuries, as well as health problems over the long term. It is also a danger to patients, as fatigue can lead to an increase in mistakes being made. There are shoes available that are designed to cut down on fatigue. These shoes are used in a variety of industries, and are certainly a popular choice for hospitals.

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