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Your Guide To Protective Equipment October 4, 2017

Protective equipment is a requirement for many jobs and everyday activities. This important equipment greatly reduces the risk of injury and illness that can result from coming into contact with harmful chemicals and materials. There are many types of protective equipment out there, and this article will describe several of them in detail. Read below to find out more about protective equipment, and how it can help you on and off the job. Who knows, this important equipment just might save your life someday.




Goggles are crucial for eye protection across a variety of industries. In fact, some tasks and positions require that goggles be worn at all times. Goggles are especially important for work that involves coming into contact with dangerous chemicals. This includes lab work and hazmat work. Goggles are also important in situations where small particles, such as sawdust or bits of metal, are flying around. This is why goggles are frequently worn in machine shops and industrial settings. Goggles come in a variety of styles and designs, tailored for various tasks and professions.


Face Masks


The purpose of a face mask is twofold: to prevent you from breathing in harmful germs, and to prevent you from exposing others to your germs. For this reason, masks are required for workers who perform certain tasks in medical or laboratory settings. Disposable masks are very reasonable priced, and can be found in most pharmacies. Protective masks can also be easily found online.






Just like face masks, disposable gloves are used to prevent the spread of disease.  They are used to keep you from getting sick, as well as to prevent you from getting others sick. This being the case, disposable gloves are required in many professions, including food service, healthcare, and laboratory settings. There are many varieties of gloves, suited for different purposes. The types of disposable gloves available on the market include vinyl gloves, latex gloves, and nitrile gloves. The gloves previously mentioned can also be purchased at pharmacies and online. Hanging them on the wall in a glove box holder makes them even more easily used and convenient.


Protective Shoes


Protective shoes, such as steel-toed boots, are essential for jobs where heavy equipment is often handled. The reinforced material in steel-toed boots protects the toes of the worker when heavy objects are dropped on the worker’s foot. Similarly, anti-slip shoes have added traction that can prevent slips and falls on slippery surfaces. These shoes are recommended for use in a variety of industries and situations, including kitchens, factories and warehouses, and many other positions that require rapid movement on hard surfaces. These shoes can be found in special sections of most shoe stores, as well as online.


Protective Aprons


Protective, flame-resistant aprons are designed for use in jobs where workers work with fire or are exposed to open flames. This is why they are often seen among welders and machine shop workers. They are intended to provide a protective barrier over flammable clothing, thus reducing the risk from fires. This is more of a specialty item and can be most easily found online.

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