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Industries We Serve


Customers Love Us

  • “After numerous years working with Adenna gloves I am proud to say these are the best gloves in the industry. Not only do they last the duration of multi hour tattoo sessions without breaking or snapping. The texture and thickness of these gloves are perfect. So from one artist to another I highly recommend these...More >
    Steven Banegas
    Heart & Huntington Tattoo Company, Las Vegas, NV
  • As a proud distributor of Adenna products since 1998, Adenna has provided valuable services and products and goes above and beyond to make sure we as a distributor can succeed in bringing the same to our own customers. Their service, support, and products are nothing less the excellent.
    Tim T.
    Science, Research Lab Supply Dealer, California

Industries We Serve

Adenna Inc. has a diverse product line that serves the needs of a wide range of medical, commercial and service-related industries, including:

auto-mechanics gloves


For mechanics, grease, oil, gasoline, solvents and other nasty chemicals come with the territory. That’s why superior barrier protection against harmful materials is of paramount importance in this industry.

Adenna Inc. supplies a full range of disposable gloves that mechanics in automotive, aviation and marine fields—as well as maintenance, repair and safety crews—know they can rely on to protect their hands, minimize cuts, burns… More>

beauty, Hair salons, cosmetic and personal care salon gloves


Professional beauticians know the importance of form and function—so does Adenna Inc. Hair salons, cosmetic and personal care salons, dermatologists, nail salons and spas, use gloves in different applications, which is why we offer a full line of synthetic and latex gloves, face masks, sterilization pouches and protective apparel that are suitable for the professionals and staff in this industry… More>

dental professionals gloves


Each day, dental professionals face not only their patients’ plaque and coffee breath, but also their germs, bacteria and contagions. We know proper hand care and personal protection is vital—that’s why we produce a variety of high quality dental exam gloves, face masks and sterilization pouches that meet or surpass the ADA and ASTM requirements, and fit your individual need and budget… More>

gloves for Firemen and firewomen, emergency medical and rescue workers


Firemen and firewomen, emergency medical and rescue workers, first responders of all kinds—we salute you! You are true heroes. We thank you for your service and sacrifice and have even named a few of our products after you.

HERO® is our 14mm, 11½” long dark blue color latex exam glove for extra protection in high-risk situations. We are also proud to offer EMPOWER®, an 8mm thick nitrile exam glove, and EXPLORER®, an 8mm… More>



Whether you’re working the packing house floor or the kitchen of a Michelin-rated restaurant, good hygiene and personal protection can never be underestimated. Wearing gloves while handling food products not only prevents a worker’s hands from getting messy, but also prevent the workers—especially those with cuts or open wounds in their hands or fingers—from contaminating the food… More>

gloves for healthcare industry


When you work in the healthcare industry, barrier protection is of the utmost importance. Because it’s not just your patient’s life that’s on the line—it’s yours, too.

At Adenna Inc., our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in compliance with the U.S. FDA and the ASTM requirements—so you can do your job with total confidence. Our disposable exam gloves… More>

gloves for hunting and fishing industry


If you are a part of the hunting industry you know that wearing gloves while field dressing can be very important. You are not worried about getting your hands dirty but protecting them from getting cut, or nicked from bone fragments or your knife and much more.
At Adenna LLC, our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, keeping you focused on the job at hand not changing out gloves mid dressing because they have ripped. More>

auto-mechanics gloves


Adenna Inc.’s synthetic gloves, latex gloves and face masks are ideally suited for daily use in industrial and manufacturing workplaces such as in biotechnology, fiberglass, pharmaceutical, medical device, specialty packaging and many others. Because you never know what might come your way, our products are built to be strong, durable and discreet.… More>

janitorial and sanitary


Let’s not beat around the bush—workers in janitorial and sanitary capacities don’t have a pretty job, but somebody’s got to do it! Fortunately, at Adenna Inc., we’ve got their backs with a wide selection of protective products for total hygiene, comfort and cleanliness.

Our HandyGuard® line of synthetic and latex disposable gloves are created for all sorts of non-medical… More>

laboratory exam gloves


In academic and research environments, contamination is a two-way street—you have to protect the sensitive chemicals and samples from yourself as much as you need to be protected from them.

Fortunately, Adenna Inc. offers a full line of exam gloves, sterilization pouches, face masks and protective apparel that are suitable for all scientific and clinical laboratory applications.… More>


Law Enforcement

Are you a police officer? Sheriff? An FBI agent or a CSI? We at Adenna Inc. salute your vital work, and are proud to offer a series of disposable gloves branded after you as a sign of appreciation for your service and dedication.Foremost in this line is our 14mm, 11.5″ dark blue color latex exam glove called HERO®, which offers the performance you expect and the heavy-duty protection you require… More>

exam gloves


Have you seen Adenna’s sleek, black protective gloves in action on celebrity tattoo TV shows? Adenna’s Shadow®, Night Angel® and Phantom® black color nitrile and latex exam gloves have been featured on popular programs such as Ink Master, Tattoo Nightmares, L.A. Ink, Miami Ink and Highway Tattoo. These gloves are considered to be among the top brands chosen by body art tattoo artists and piercing artists around the world… More>

veterinary gloves


At Adenna Inc., we love animals, so we love it when veterinary professionals wear our gloves and use our products to diagnose or treat our animal friends.

With minimum pinhole levels and specifications that meet or exceed the ASTM standards, veterinarians and the assistants can rest assure that they are better protected wearing Adenna exam gloves when treating our fine, feathered… More>

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