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Adenna Shadow nitrile powder-free gloves December 5, 2016

The durability allowed techs to work longer without the need to change gloves.

By Josh Smith, Assistant Editor

The Adenna Shadow nitrile powered-free gloves made a lasting impression on the technicians at DeMary Truck in Columbus, Ohio, because of how long the gloves themselves lasted.

Shop owner Eric Moore explains the durability of the gloves allowed his techs to work longer without the need to change gloves.

“Since they seemed to be tougher at handling the chemicals normally used in the shop, our techs did not have to change them out as often,” Moore says. The Shadow nitrile powder-free gloves, which came packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser-style box, were preferred when handling diesel fuel and various cleaning agents, Moore reports.

“The Adenna gloves did not swell immediately on contact with cleaners or diesel fuel, which the other 99.9 percent of gloves we have used would,” he says. “This meant they could be worn longer. “If contact with chemicals was limited, they could even be removed and reused several times, until they became too slimy or torn.”

Moore said one of his larger techs was overjoyed that a 2XL size was available. “His exact words were, ‘Oh cool. They come in gorilla size,’” Moore recalls. Because DeMary Truck focuses on preventative maintenance, the Adenna gloves were worn for just about every operation the techs at the shop perform, including oil changes, brake service, engine tear down and repair and more. Moore says his techs have used dozens of types and various brands of gloves. The gloves purchased for the business are often selected based on quantity—not always quality. “We would be interested in hearing from (Adenna’s) rep for case pricing in order to compare with our current stock,” he says.

Regardless of cost, the Shadow nitrile powder-free gloves were well-received at DeMary Truck.

“Based on the feedback, the Adenna gloves were a home run,” Moore says.

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