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Adenna New Nitrile Glove is a MIRACLE® June 9, 2011

With the latest fads of fancy colored and flavored nitrile gloves out there, what ever happened to the good old fashion Blue nitrile exam glove?

Here comes the miracle, Adenna has produced a thinner gauge blue color nitrile exam glove with today’s advanced technology for incredible strength. The Adenna MIRACLE® nitrile exam glove is super light weight and fits very comfortably on the hand. These gloves are packaged in bulk, in 200 pieces per box by weight to save money, the environment and time by refilling less frequently.

With natural rubber latex pricing still at record highs, there is no better time than today to introduce Adenna’s MIRACLE® Nitrile PF exam glove to your customers. We anticipate this glove to be a huge hit.

The following table compares the MIRACLE® glove to comparable gloves on the market:


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