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A Helpful Guide To Proper Sanitation On The Job September 29, 2017

In the food service and medical industries, proper sanitation is of the utmost importance, as it ensures the safety of customers and patients. Given the working environments in these industries, maintaining proper sanitation is not always such an easy task. Rather, it requires effort on the part of all staff members. Luckily, there are several products on the market that help make this task easier. Below, you will find a detailed guide to some of these products.




One of your primary weapons against germs is disinfectant. These germ-killing chemicals can be purchased easily at most grocery stores. Disinfectants need to be sprayed on all surfaces that have contact with food particles and/or medical materials. Surfaces need to be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down frequently, especially after coming into contact with contaminants. Disposable disinfecting wipes can also be used.  Sterilization pouches can also be used to keep tools germ-free and safe for use.  They have process indicators that change color when sterilization is complete, providing another layer of safety for all involved.




Masks are most often worn in hospital and laboratory settings, both as a way to keep germs out, and as a way to prevent them from spreading. Masks do not have to be elaborate or expensive: a simple, disposable face mask will work wonders in the fight against germs.




Gloves should be well stocked and frequently worn in order to prevent the spread of disease. Disposable gloves should be stocked in order to protect employees and the people that they come into contact with, either directly or indirectly. It should be noted that wearing protective gloves is not a substitute for hand washing, just like hand washing is not a substitute for wearing gloves. Rather, both of these protective measures are necessary to prevent the spread of germs.




Hairnets should be worn when food is being prepared. Getting hair follicles in food is not only unappetizing, it is unsanitary as well. Hairnets should be worn so that they cover the whole head, with no stray hairs sticking out. If the employee has facial hair, a special hairnet can be worn to cover that as well. This is one way to greatly cut down on the risk of disease within the food industry.


Protective Film


barrier film

Barrier film can help prevent surfaces from getting infected in the first place. You can purchase barrier film online (it is sold by the box), on websites where protective equipment is sold. In order to apply the barrier film, you would unroll it, similar to a roll of tape, and stick it to a surface that frequently comes into contact with germs. The film will keep that surface clean and germ-free. This is another specialty item that is most easily found online.




In the battle against germs, you should never forget good, old-fashioned soap. Disinfecting soap is ideal, as it will kill most of the germs that you come into contact with. There is nothing complicated or involved about hand washing, but it is a very effective weapon in your arsenal against germs. If you work with food, or closely with patients, the importance of hand washing cannot be overstated.

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